I Love You (Feat. Chante Moore) Lyrics

Keith Washington

Keith Washington - I Love You (Feat. Chante Moore) Lyrics


Sit back relax your mind
Just let my love flow through you
Cause all this time my love is with you
And you never have to worry
Cause I wanna spend my life with you
You changed my world
My dreams have come true

There's something about you baby can't explain
And it's driving my crazy now I'm goin' insane
Something about the way you hold me babe
I love you
There's something inside you that keeps calling me
And it's taking me places that I've never seen
I'm not afraid to learn from memories
I love you

I never contemplated
That's why it feels so right
A heaven sent love
A match made for two
Don't take your love for granted
Cause love won't wait for you, no baby
Hold on to love
Your heart is telling you
Crying at night when you're not by my side
Thinking 'bout you
Let's take a chance
Take my life and romance
Let my love flow through you
Promise live and fulfill all your dreams
Don't let it slip away, no, no, no
Cause my love's here for you
Baby come face the truth
Don't run away just hold on to my love


Baby I love you
Baby I need you
Baby I love you
Holding you tight
Throught the night
Feels so right baby
Baby I love you
Missing the way you kiss me
Baby I need
Don't you ever leave
Baby I love you
Something 'bout the way you love me
Holding you tight
Through the night
Feels so right, babe


Song & Lyrics Facts

Keith Washington's "I Love You (feat. Chante Moore)" is a romantic duet released in 1995 from his self-titled debut album.

The soulful track was written by Keith Washington, Chante Moore and Narada Michael Walden and produced by the latter. It features smooth vocals from both singers as they express their love for each other over an R&B groove. The lyrics are about two people who have been through tough times but still remain committed to one another despite all of life’s obstacles. Released on October 10th, 1995, the song has become a classic R&B ballad that speaks to the power of true love.

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