Birthday Song (From The League) Lyrics

Jon Lajoie

Jon Lajoie - Birthday Song (From The League) Lyrics


It's your birthday today
what does that mean? I guess I'll try to explain
that five years ago on this day
It was the first time your parents saw your beautiful face
And 9 months before that, magical day
Your dad probably took your mom out, on a date
And they were having a good time
They were dancing and drinking wine
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
And when they got home they were horny as hell
And your dad threw your mom down, on the bed
And he tore her panties off
And his wee-wee was as hard as a rock
And at this point, your mom wanted to give your dad head
But your dad also wanted to give your mom head
so they formed a 69
And your mom came at least 3 times
And your dad was so excited to get inside your mom
that he forgot to put a condom on
And when he realized his mistake
He had ejaculated and it was too late
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

Song & Lyrics Facts

Jon Lajoie's "Birthday Song (from The League)" was released on October 1st, 2009 as part of his debut album You Want Some of This?. Written by Jon Lajoie and produced by Eric Appapoulay, the song features the comedic musician singing about a birthday party gone wrong, complete with hilarious lyrics like "It's your birthday so I bought you a gift/A big bag of drugs and some cigarettes/And then your mom came in and she started to scream/She said 'What is this?!' and you said it was ice cream".

The track also includes appearances from members of the TV show The League, including Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, and Steve Rannazzisi. With its catchy chorus and clever wordplay, "Birthday Song (from The League)" has become one of Jon Lajoie's most recognizable songs.

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