Your Warning Lyrics

John Frusciante

John Frusciante - Your Warning Lyrics


You're warning me to get out of the way
Was the safest thing to say
This trying to get out of a tight spot
Isn't even worth a shot
And all of the world calls out at once
give us pain
It's a friend to us
And we don't decide for ourselves very much
what we are we owe to the fear of love
Don't bring it around
I've reached for that
I've reached for that
Once it is found
It turns its back
It turns its back
What's it called when you're married
And you've fallen out of love
What's it called when the family
who raised you don't know at all
Give us a point to miss
endings are killing me slow
I only ask for this
Emptiness replaced my soul
Emptiness replaced my soul
My soul, replace my soul
My soul, replace my soul

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