Sweet Dreams / Whoops Now Lyrics

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson - Sweet Dreams / Whoops Now Lyrics


Friday morning and all my work is done
I've packed my bags
I'm on the run
I got a feeling that I'm gonna have some
Fun in the sun with my friends and he's got me goin
Whoops now
Sorry I can't go
Whoops now
Sorry I can't go
Whoops now
Sorry I can't go
Sorry I can't
Sorry I can't go now
Friday noon and my boss is on the phone
He's telling me that I can't leave home
An extra hand at work is what he's called for
He said we need you here
To my friends I'm goin
It makes no difference if you're off work or not
You dream your weekend hand on the doorknob
Out with your friends, hey, fun in the sun now
That's when the phone rings
Friday evening and I'm all alone at home
I know my friends are havin fun
I'll plan my weekend, damn it, leave the machine on
Next time he calls he'll hear my voice sayin loud and clear
With my friends
With my friends
With my friends
With my friends
With Ann and Rusty
Tina and Moody
Ken and Nancy
Lynette and Tony oh oh oh
Lisa and Jimmy
Gwen and Julie
Kimble and Josie
Tish and Michael oh oh oh
Karen and Terry
Betta and Katie
Don and Kevin
Ricardo and Puffy oh oh oh
Come on you guys
Anguila here we come!
Here we come now
To the restaurants
(I'm starving! let's go)
For some lobster
And some sleeping
(some sleeping?)
And some you know what else
(what else?)
You know!
(no we don't know! like what else?)
(tiddlywinks? I thought you were talking about you know what)
(you know!)
I like that part too

Song & Lyrics Facts

Janet Jackson's "Sweet Dreams / Whoops Now" was released in 1995 and featured on her fifth studio album, Design of a Decade 1986/1996. The song was written by Janet herself, along with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Her backing band for the track included keyboardist René Moore, guitarist Michael Thompson, bassist Alex Al, and drummer John Robinson. This upbeat dance-pop track features lyrics about a woman who is trying to get over an ex-lover and build up her self-confidence. It became one of Janet's most successful singles from the album, peaking at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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