Simply Redeemed Lyrics

Isaac Carree

Isaac Carree - Simply Redeemed Lyrics


I am a Christian
Do you know what that means?
That means I'm far from perfect
Simply redeemed, born with a purpose
Purchase by love

It's not a form of religion
But a gift from above
I am not perfect, no
But I have been redeemed

I am a believer
Do you know what that means?
That means I've pledge my life, giving everything
I never knew that this was meant to be
I'm not perfect but I have been redeemed

While I was yet in my transgressions
Somebody paid the price for me
I offer up my life to Him and now I say again
I am not perfect, oh but I have been redeemed
Oh yes

I am your brother
Let me show you the way
We'll take this road together
Oh ho, take it day by day

Somehow I know
We'll make this journey's end
Make no mistake about it
You have been redeemed, redeemed

While you were yet in your transgressions
Somebody paid to set you free
So offer up your life to Him
Accept this love and we'll begin
Walk together for we have been redeemed

While we were yet in our transgression
He gave His life for you and me
So why not give your life to Him
Accept His love and then begin

To stand together hand in hand
And truly He will heal our land
And we will wear this chains no more
As these walls comes crashing to the floor

And then someday He'll come again
And we will find our rest in Him
This will be perfect
We will be perfect, yeah

We will be perfect, oh ooh oh
We will be perfect
We will be perfect, oh yes, we will
Simply redeemed

Song & Lyrics Facts

Isaac Carree's song "Simply Redeemed" was released on April 20th, 2010 as part of his album Uncommon Me. The track was written by Isaac Carree, along with co-writers Tony Dixon and Donald Lawrence.

It was performed by the band Simply Redeemed featuring Isaac Carree. The lyrics of this gospel single reflect a message of hope for anyone who has gone astray in life. They express that no matter what one might have done, they can still be redeemed through faith. Ultimately, it is an uplifting reminder to all of us that redemption is possible.

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