You Ain't Heard Nuttin Yet Lyrics

Heavy D & The Boyz

Heavy D & The Boyz - You Ain't Heard Nuttin Yet Lyrics


[Beginning of James Brown's "It's A Man's World" plays then switches to
Grover Washington Jr.'s "Mister Magic" mixed with samples of Lyn Collin's
Tic-tac, toe'n, three in a row and privilege
Sit back, relax, listen to a pro and
As I start goin, blowin, flowin, and showin
MCs' - that I am the capital H-E-A-V-Y-D-sin
This is my yard, better get my? preason?
No discontent cause I'm all about pleasin
Ladies come to me because, they love squeezin
If you don't see me, I'm probably skeezin!
Eaaaaaaa-zy desert on the smooth tip
As I get loose, kinda like I say rip this
Format of my rap, listen to direction
Six foot three, wit a manila, complexion
Dance - shake, rock, roll
Heav is in the house I got total, control
I'mma inject, respect, collect a fat check
Heav is in effect - but you ain't heard nuttin yet!
How could I explain to ya - the Heavmania
Tryna figure eight or make it simple and plain to ya
Hmm, I'm the Heavster, a rap register
That flows with cash so fast you can't measure the
Intent of content that I rep-re-sent
The format of my rap from past to present tense
Girls they adore me, they scream for me
Fellas get jealous cause the ladies won't ignore me
Ov-er-weight Lo-ver MC
H-E-A-V-Y-D, rap champion
Joe Black, Pete Rock, Billy Bob and they'll explain to ya
Who is the greatest, the biggest, the baddest! (baddest!)
They won't front, they know the Heavy D. status
My favorite, old time group came Gladys
Knight & The Pips and, love "Flip" Wilson
The Great Houdini was my, favorite magician
Sit back relax, cause Heav is on a mission
I'mma inject, de-tect, dialect, disect, direct
Heav is in effect - but you ain't heard nuttin yet!
Aiyyo back up, don't even press up, it's time to set up
The staaage, and I won't let up, 'til y'all get up
Or respect whet we inject, so come correct
Heavy D.'s in ef-fect (fect) - but you ain't heard nuttin yet!
Wreaka, no half-stepper, rhyme veteran
Ripper, Moet sipper, cause I'm better in
This hand, even that and, a matter of fact
You wanna know the place to be, the place to be is where Heavy's at
I soar without a fall, cause I'm courageously standing
I'm in demand, and on the stage I be better
With Eddie F., he's right back at me
The Boyz are to the left and the right, you know we gotta be
Cor-rect as we expect, you too accept our subject
That we direct, to all turtleneck rappers who seem upset
Heavy D.'s in ef-FECT (FECT) - but you ain't heard nuttin yet!

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