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Hands Like Houses

Hands Like Houses - Developements Lyrics


We get in our own way, tripping on our feet.
Filling up our heads too much with words too hard to speak.
Drowning in a place, where the night can not escape,
Commit ourselves into the depths, exposed against a page.

Caught in a phrase, an echo in our minds,
A flash, a flood, and it's burned into our eyes.

I can't explain enough, and I won't let it last the night.
I'll show you that the image is still there unseen.
It's darkest before the light, if we shut our eyes to see
The things that we have lost inside the lines between,

Between the black and white, where everything goes grey,
And everything's unsaid, undone, and the negative bleeds away
To reveal the memory that we've waited for so long for.
The image shifts and the acid drips down the paper to the floor.

We're so nervous to see if we we've let too much in,
If we were out of focus or out of frame.
I know it's a moment of truth, if a recollection captured reality,
Or if it's lost forever.

I can't explain enough. I won't let it last.

Song & Lyrics Facts

Hands Like Houses is an Australian rock band that released their single "Developments" on April 17, 2020. The song appears as the lead single from their fifth studio album of the same name.

It was written by Hands Like Houses and produced by Colin Brittain. The lyrics explore themes of inner strength and perseverance in difficult times. The chorus sings “We can’t stay here forever/But we won’t let this break us down,” emphasizing the importance of resilience. Developements has been praised for its powerful message and melodic instrumentals.

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