Looking For Romance Lyrics


Bambi - Looking For Romance Lyrics


I bring you a song
And I sing as I go
For I want you to know
That I'm looking for romance

I bring you a song
In the hope that you'll see
When you're looking at me
That I'm looking for love

I'm seeking that glow
Only found when you're young and it's May
Only found on that wonderful day
When all longing is through

I'm seeking that glow
Only found when a thrill is complete
Only found when two hearts gently beat
To the strength of a waltz that's both tender and new

I bring you a song
For I'm seeking romance

You're by my side, there's a moon up above
It shines with a light that's so mellow and bright
It's easy to see that tonight we shall fall in love

I bring you a song
For I'm seeking romance

Song & Lyrics Facts

"Bambi - Looking for Romance" is a song from the album of the same name by Bambi. The artist, Bambi, was a German pop singer who achieved success in the 1980s and early 1990s with her catchy and upbeat dance-pop songs.

Her music falls under the electronic and synthpop genres. The lyrics of "Looking for Romance" were written by Rainer Pietsch, while the music was composed by Dieter Bohlen. Bambi's band members during this time included Michael Cretu on keyboards, Mats Björklund on guitar, Curt Cress on drums, and Peter Weihe on bass. The main messages conveyed through the lyrics of "Looking for Romance" are about seeking love and connection, as well as the thrill and excitement that comes with falling in love. The song captures the essence of youthful romance and the longing to find someone special to share life with. Its upbeat tempo and infectious melody make it an irresistible dance floor anthem that still resonates with fans today.

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