The Art Of Dying Lyrics


Gojira - The Art Of Dying Lyrics


Breathing slowly, mechanical heartbeat
Losing contact with the living
Almighty TV plugged, hybrid empty brain
Don't see anything real in the game
The tension is building constantly
No reason, just a reflex I have, driven by clockwork
I try to keep an eye open, and I realize
I haven't closed my eyes in a long time

Neglected emotions leading to catastrophic voyage on the other side
I have been given so much stress and lack of confidence
I've been given the gift of so small hope deep inside
I haven't closed my eyes in a long time, I am trying

I cannot stomach these forms and colors anymore
But I'm here to continue after all I have been through
I try to keep my eyes open, I am realizing
This life and death more precious than anything

I won't bring no materials in the afterlife
Take no possessions, I would rather travel light
I'm of this kind that kills all day
But I don't know yet how to die
Art of dying is the way to let all go
Within I practice in the secret of my soul
My shape in the reflector has now forever
Life on its own

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