Down In The Park '98 Lyrics

Gary Numan

Gary Numan - Down In The Park '98 Lyrics


Down in the park
where the machmen
meet the machines
and play 'kill by numbers'
down in the park
with a friend called 'five'
I was in a car crash
or was it the war
but i've never been
quite the same
little white lies
like 'i was there'
Come to 'zom zoms'
a place to eat
like it was built
in one day
you can watch the humans
trying to run
Oh look
there's a rape machine
i'd go outside
if he'd look the other way
you wouldn't believe
the things they do
Down in the park
where the chant is
'death, death, death'
until the sun cries morning
down in the park
with friends of mine
We are not lovers
we are not romantics
'we are here to serve you'
a different face
but the words never change

Song & Lyrics Facts

Gary Numan's 'Down in the Park' is a 1998 single from his album Exile, released on April 6th. The song was written by Gary Numan and Ade Orange and performed with Tubeway Army.

It is a reworking of the 1979 classic hit of the same name. Lyrics to this version include "I'd meet you down in the park/Where the walls are so very dark/And I will hold you close in my arms". The song speaks of a dystopian future where people must find solace in each other. The lyrics also reference the film Blade Runner which is set in a similar world.

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