Snow Frolic (From "Love Story") Lyrics

Francis Lai

Francis Lai - Snow Frolic (From


Stills Stephen
Love Story (Stephen Stills)
I'm out on the street
All alone by the newsstand
The lady of leisure comes
Tearin' by
Almost knocking me down

She turns at the corner
And looking back
Lets her eyes send the message
I'm helpless alone
And I'm goin' down

Help me I need someone gentle to love me
My life is a miserable comedy
Of strangers
Posing as friends
I know they don't know
Who I am

Hurry it's time to make your move boy
Hurry better get along with it soon boy
Hurry there she goes
Hurry she's out the door boy
You know you can win the battle
But you can lose
The war
Hurry are your feet glued to the pavement boy
You know you can win the battle
But you can lose
The war

Thought I saw a fox I did I saw a fox
Amidst that sea of pride
Let me call a hansom cab
We'll both get in and then go for a ride
Nothing spoken I retreat
Find the subway take a seat
I let myself get in my way
And let her get away

I got off the train at the next stop
And headed back uptown
I knew I could find her
She so needed a friend

I found her alone in a doorway
The tears in her eyes
Said there's nothing that you can say
I just need an ending

I gave her a flower
And got her to smile
And asked her quite frankly
Would she not prefer
A beginning

Song & Lyrics Facts

Francis Lai's "Snow Frolic" (From "Love Story") is a romantic instrumental piece released on the 1971 album of the same name. The song was written and composed by Francis Lai, with orchestral arrangements by Paul Mauriat.

It features the band London Symphony Orchestra as well as various other musicians. This wintry track paints an idyllic picture of snow-covered landscapes, perfect for a romantic winter getaway. Its simple yet beautiful melody makes it a timeless classic that will never go out of fashion. On top of its melodic beauty, the lyrics are also quite poetic, making this one of the most beloved pieces from the Love Story soundtrack.

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