Easy Ain't Nothin Lyrics


Ephemerals - Easy Ain't Nothin Lyrics


Nothing is easy
'Cause easy ain't nothing
Play cards with an honest heart
Someone's gonna take you up when you're bluffing

Even when we're asleep
We still dream that we're awake
Careful what you wish for
You never know when you get your break

On the grind
While all the others recline
On the grind
While all the others recline

Soldiers in the jungle
Don't get lost in the street
It's simple to connect with them
Much harder with the record companies

Revolution, no, it doesn't live
In the bottom of your coffee mug
Rise up before you rise up
Ain't nothing like a clever heart

On the grind
While all the others recline
On the grind
While all the others recline

Song & Lyrics Facts

"Easy Ain't Nothin" is a track from the British band Ephemerals. The song belongs to their album "Nothin Is Easy," which blends soul, funk, and jazz elements in its sound.

James Graham wrote the lyrics for this particular song. Ephemerals consists of several talented musicians, including Wolfgang Valbrun on drums, Hillman Mondegreen on bass, Damian Niewinski on keyboards, Jimi Needles on turntables, and Thaliah on backing vocals. Wolfie also leads the band as the main vocalist, adding his unique voice to the mix. The lyrics of "Easy Ain't Nothin" talk about the struggles of life and how easy it is to fall into bad habits or negative thinking patterns. Despite these challenges, the song encourages listeners to keep pushing forward and not give up. It's an inspiring message conveyed through thoughtful lyrics and powerful instrumentation that makes you want to dance along.

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