Callas Went Away Lyrics


Enigma - Callas Went Away Lyrics


Callas went away
But her voice forever stay
callas went away
She went away

Ah! je les relis sans cesse
Je devais les detruire
Ces lettres!
Ces lettres
(Ah! i read them constantly
I ought to destroy them
these letters! these letters)

God bless you

Song & Lyrics Facts

Enigma - Callas Went Away is a song released in 2018 on the album The Fall of a Rebel Angel. It was written by Michael Cretu, Jens Gad and David Fairstein.

Enigma is an electronic music project founded by Romanian-German musician and producer Michael Cretu. The lyrics to this track are a tribute to Greek opera singer Maria Callas who died in 1977. They tell her story of rising fame and fall into obscurity as she went away from the spotlight. The song features a melancholic melody with dreamy soundscapes that perfectly capture the emotion of the piece.

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