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Dru Hill

Dru Hill - 5 Steps Lyrics


I don't know how much longer
You're going to be here
So I say my prayers
Every night
One 4 my mother
One 4 my father
And one 4 the love of my life
So if you decide to leave today
Then leave tomorrow at the door
And take only half of yesterday
Forget all hope for the present
Cause it just went away

We were 5 steps
From eternity
4 steps
4 steps past love
And 3 wishes
From touching the heavens above
repeat chrous

Another day is gone
Another night now dawn
Waiting patiently hoping you'll return
But not before long
Why'd you say goodbye
I still feel your presence
In my bed at night
And what was reality once
A love True in form
Is now adding pain
For all man's scorn
Forced to wear the memories of pain
Around an empty heart
Now I sit in silence and begin to think
As laughter echoes through the air
I can't get you off my mind
But a whole new love
I could never bare
So now I lay me
Down to sleep
And I pray my Lord my soul to keep
And if I die, before I wake
Then I promise I'll be there for you always

We were 5 steps
From eternity
4 steps
4 steps past love
And 3 wishes
From touching to heavens above

Song & Lyrics Facts

Dru Hill's 5 Steps is a classic R&B song from the group's second album, Enter the Dru. Released in 1998, the song was written by Nokio, Sisqo, Larry "Rock" Campbell, and Woody Rock.

It features all four members of the band singing about taking five steps to make a relationship work. The lyrics describe how each step will bring them closer together and ensure their love stays strong. With its catchy hook and smooth vocals, it quickly became one of Dru Hill's most popular singles and remains a fan favorite today.

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