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Deva Premal

Deva Premal - Ide Were Were Lyrics


Ide were were nita ochun
Ide were were
Ide were were nita ochun
Ide were were nita ya
Ocha kiniba nita ochun
Cheke cheke cheke
Nita ya
Ide were were

Ochun is the goddess of love,
chant which speaks about a necklace
which is a symbol of the initiation into

(Yoruba, West Africa)

Song & Lyrics Facts

Deva Premal's song "Ide Were Were" is a soulful and meditative track off her album ‘The Essence’, released in 2000. Deva Premal is an internationally renowned new-age musician from Germany who has been performing since the early 1990s.

She is joined by Miten on vocals, Manose on bansuri flute, and Joby Baker playing bass guitar. The genre of this song is spiritual world music, combining elements of Indian classical music with mantras and chants. This particular track features lyrics written by Sivananda Radha Swami. The lyrics to “Ide Were Were” are an ancient Sanskrit prayer that translates to: “May all be happy, may all be free from illness. May all see things equally, without any sense of prejudice. May none suffer because of us”. It is an uplifting and inspirational chant that can bring peace and joy to listeners. Deva Premal’s musical interpretation of these profound words creates a powerful atmosphere for meditation and contemplation.

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