Where Are We Now? Lyrics

David Bowie

David Bowie - Where Are We Now? Lyrics


Westlife - Where We Are

Stay, stay where you are
Don?t let me go, don?t let me go
We made it this far
Oh baby stop, stop right there
Don?t walk away, don?t walk away
Into thin air
We survived a crash
Made it through the wreckage
Standing here at last
So perfectly written
Now where we are
Is where we?re suppose to be
Where we are
Keeps the breath in me
Where we?ve been
We?ve risen from the deep
Where we?re now no one can tear us apart
That?s where we are

Don?t, don?t turn around
We gotta let, we got to let
Go of the past now
Feel me by your side
We?re out of danger
No reason to hide
We survived the storm
Made it through the hurricane
Standing here at last
Dry despite the rain

That?s where we are

Stay, stay where you are

That?s where we are

Song & Lyrics Facts

"Where Are We Now?" is a song by English singer-songwriter David Bowie, released as the lead single from his 24th studio album The Next Day on 8 January 2013. Written and produced by Bowie himself, the track was recorded in New York City with longtime collaborator Tony Visconti.

Lyrically, the song talks about Bowie's reflections on life and past experiences while living in Berlin during the 1970s. The single received positive reviews from critics, who praised its minimalist composition and Bowie's vocals. It reached number six in the UK Singles Chart, becoming Bowie's highest charting single since "Everyone Says 'Hi'", which peaked at number six in 2003. Musicians backing Bowie on the recording included long-time collaborators Earl Slick (guitar) and Gerry Leonard (guitar), as well as Gail Ann Dorsey (bass guitar and backing vocals). The lyrics of "Where Are We Now?" were written by Bowie.

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