Búscate Otro Amor Lyrics

Cliver Y Su Grupo Coralí

Cliver Y Su Grupo Coralí - Búscate Otro Amor Lyrics


Mujer maldita ya me cance
De tanto selos y caprichos
Siempres me jusgas con mentiras
Ya no quiero escucharte
Yo te pedi que cambies
Pero sigues con lo mismo
Solo adios puedo rogar
Pero a ti nunca jamas

Buscate buscate otro amor
Que sepa que sepa conprenderte como yo

Song & Lyrics Facts

Cliver Y Su Grupo Coralí is a popular music group from Colombia that specializes in tropical and romantic genres. Their album "Búscate Otro Amor" features some of their best work, including the titular track which is a fan favorite.

The lyrics were written by Cliver himself, showcasing his strong songwriting skills. The band members are all highly talented musicians who bring their own unique flair to the sound of the group. They work together seamlessly to create a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience. Fans of tropical and romantic music will appreciate the catchy melodies and smooth vocals found on this album. While the lyrics of "Búscate Otro Amor" are not included here, they tell a story of love lost and finding new beginnings. The song encourages listeners to move on from toxic relationships and find happiness elsewhere. It's a message that resonates with many people and has helped make Cliver Y Su Grupo Coralí one of the most beloved musical acts in Colombia.

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