Enter The Circus Lyrics

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera - Enter The Circus Lyrics


Ladies and gentlemen
Boys and girls
Step right up, step right up
Come closer, you won't believe your eyes
Behind this curtain,
Witness something you've never seen before,
Heard before, dreamt before
The most amazing show on earth

La la la la la la la
It's the most amazing show on earth
La la la la la la la

Do you want to be widely entertained?
People to know your name?
Do you crave fame?
Well they say "things aren't always what they seem to be"
Even your greatest fantasies
You won't believe your eyes
Won't even recognise
The wonderment that lies
Behind the shimmer and the lights

Is it true what they say?
Is it all just fun and games?
Or is there more behind the makeup,
And the faces full of paint?

I ask you, do you want to come and play?
Get the world to come and play

So sit back, relax, fasten your seatbelts
It's going to be a bumpy ride to the other side

Song & Lyrics Facts

Christina Aguilera's song, "Enter the Circus" is featured on her fourth studio album, "Keeps Gettin' Better: A Decade of Hits". Released in 2008, this pop/dance track was written by Christina Aguilera and Linda Perry.

The lyrics perfectly capture the exhilarating feeling of being inside a circus tent and the joy of performing for an audience. Musically, it features a combination of electronic beats and orchestral strings that combine to give off a truly unique sound. While no official band members are credited with playing on the track, many talented session musicians were used to create the final product. This uplifting song has become a fan favorite over the years and continues to be enjoyed by listeners around the world.

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