Stampede Lyrics

Chris Ledoux

Chris Ledoux - Stampede Lyrics


We made camp along the river
watch the cattle
as they bend down
back at the wagons
right after supper
spread the bed rolls
on the ground
me an willie
we took the night gaurd
and the sage
never smelled so sweet
the prairie moon
was blazin silver
no chance tonight
for stampede
we rode off yonder
in the distance
towards the mountains
there in the west
then I see lightening
and I hear thunder
my mind is weary I could use some rest
then all at once
the wind shifts directions
the clouds roll in
behind the tumble weeds
these longhorn cattle
are gettin restless
God help us all
if they stampede
smell the rain
and hear the thunder
the midnight sky
turns balck as death
lightening crashes
smell the sulfur
it's rank and strong
as satan's breath
the cattle rise up
and go around
I steer my pony
on to take a lead
and across the heard
I can hear willie yellin
hey stampede
dust clouds ride
as the rain falls
they mix together
turn the air to mud
I feel the longhorns
brush against me
and I can feel the demons
racin through my blood
and all at once
my pony stumbles
we hit the ground
and I rise
up to my knees
and flash a light
I can see the cattle comin
lord I know
I'm gonna die
in this stampede
then I wait
and I look around
I'm in my bed roll
and I; m layin on the ground
over there's a wagon
and there's the campfire
I was only dreamin
but what's that sound
then I feel the earth
tremble beneath me
as the midnight sky
begins to bleed
and from the blackness
I can hear willie yellin
hey stampede

Song & Lyrics Facts

Chris LeDoux's "Stampede" is a song from his album, Whatcha Gonna Do with a Cowboy. The artist and text writers of this track are Chris Ledoux and Garth Brooks.

The band members featured on the album include Dave Innis (keyboards), Bruce Bouton (pedal steel guitar), Mike Chapman (bass) and Mark Casstevens (acoustic guitar). The lyrics to "Stampede" tell the story of a cowboy riding in a rodeo, determined to make his mark despite the odds against him. The chorus of the song encourages the listener to "hold on tight - it'll be alright". This inspiring message makes the song an uplifting anthem for anyone who has ever felt like they were stuck in a rut.

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