Soul Survivor (Long Version) Lyrics

C.C. Catch

C.C. Catch - Soul Survivor (Long Version) Lyrics


la - you hurt me
don't make me cry

Leavin' me
oh girl
it's easy
he will say good-bye.
It's a hard time for lovers and a broken dream to you

Let me stay together
my love

I never wanna
wanna feeling blue.

By me: S-s-s-soul survivor
come on
take me higher

Don't let me down
it's just too late
S-s-s-soul survivor
it's like a burning fire

He pulls the strings of my deep emotions

the night
it's alnght.

hurts forever
stop youF lipstick lies

He will spend the nights together just with me
don't try

'Cause my love is so precious
love will never be the same

And I'm never lonely
'cause he's the only

I never wanna
wanna play a game.

Be my: S-s-s-soul survivor
come on
take me higher
. . .

It's the night
it's the night
he'll win my heart

It's the night of my burning dream.
Secret love
secret love
I wanna start

I'll never wanna lose you
I'll never break apart.

Be my: S-s-s-soul survivor
come on
take me higher
. . .

Song & Lyrics Facts

C.C. Catch's "Soul Survivor" (Long Version) was released in 1986 on the album Like a Hurricane.

Written by Dieter Bohlen and Ralf Stemmann, it is one of the band's most popular songs. C.C. Catch was an 80s German Eurodance band fronted by singer Caroline Müller-Westernhagen, also known as Carolin Codenys. The lyrics to this song speak of a survivor who has been through hard times but still manages to find strength and courage within themselves. With its upbeat melody and positive message, this track became an instant hit when it was released.

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