Glory, Glory Lord Lyrics

Bob Fitts

Bob Fitts - Glory, Glory Lord Lyrics


Glory, glory Lord!
We give you glory Lord!
Glory, glory Lord!
You are the mighty God!

You who go down to the sea
You who live in the islands
If you live in the city
Lift your voice and sing out


Sing to the Lord a new song
Sing His praise to the ends of the earth
Let every nation tell it
Till every man has heard


(Hawaiian Language)
Nani, Nani Iehovah!
Nou Kanani Iehovah!
Nani, Nani Iehova!
Ke Akua Mana Loa!

(Samoan Language
Viia viia le Atua
Matou te viia oe le Atua
Viia viia le Atua
O Oe le Atua Matautia

Song & Lyrics Facts

Bob Fitts' "Glory, Glory Lord" is a contemporary Christian song released in 1995. It is featured on his album, The Heart of Worship, and was written by Bob Fitts himself.

This uplifting praise anthem features the powerful lyrics: “We will shout with joy unending/ We will sing to You our King”. The song has been recorded by many other artists over the years, including the band 'The Maranatha Singers'. "Glory, Glory Lord" has become one of Bob Fitts most popular songs and continues to be used in worship services around the world. Its encouraging message of hope and faith resonates with listeners everywhere.

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