Lady On The Water (Live) Lyrics

Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper - Lady On The Water (Live) Lyrics


Lady on the water, make me rich, make me poor
Lay your flowers at my door
Lady on the water, bring me branches, bring me twine
Graft my heart upon the vine
With your wine down my feathers, as the cock crows given time

Oh to wake my lady on the water, share my bread share my drink,
Pay no mind what others think
Lady on the water whip this wind into a flame
With your grapes and bottled rain,
Make your wine of my worship of divinely strange refrain

Oh to make it rain

My lady on the water, place your thumb upon my tongue
Leave a song no one has sung
Lady on the water with your jacket blue and strange
Change these rivers in my veins,
Into wine, learnin' burnin' driven deep into this maze

All of my days

My lady on the water, lead me from the wilderness
Through countless deserts, dreams and jests
Lady on the water rest my head upon your chest
Leave me only when I'm blessed
'Cuz I'll be in my own country,
Good and dead and gone to rest

Is the way it's the best

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