Praise Jehovah Lyrics

Beverly Crawford

Beverly Crawford - Praise Jehovah Lyrics


Praise Jehovah
Lord God Almighty
Praise Jehovah
Everlasting Peace
We praise Your name Lord Jehovah
We praise You

Praise Jehovah
In all His splendor
Praise Jehovah
For His Majesty
We praise Your name Lord Jehovah
We praise You

And all the heavens shall declare Your glory
And all the earth shall sing Your praise
Your praise

Jehovah, we praise You We praise Your name Jehovah, we praise You

Jehovah, we praise You

Song & Lyrics Facts

Beverly Crawford's song 'Praise Jehovah' was released on the album 'Live From Los Angeles', in 2005. The powerful gospel track was written by Beverly Crawford and produced by Donald Lawrence.

It features a live band accompaniment of drums, bass, piano and guitar. The lyrics of 'Praise Jehovah' are an uplifting call to praise God for His grace and mercy. The chorus chants "Praise Jehovah, Praise Him/For He is worthy to be praised" with a joyous energy that will bring listeners to their feet.

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