I Am A Girl Like You Lyrics


Barbie - I Am A Girl Like You Lyrics


If I'd like to have my breakfast hot
Madame Carp will make me pay
And I have to fetch the eggs myself
And the barn's a mile away.
It's cold and wet
But still I get an omelette on my plate
But in my head I'm back in bed
Snuggled up and sleeping late.


Really. But it's all right.
I mean, I'm used to it.
And you?



If I want some eggs I ring the bell
And the maid comes running in
And she serves them on a silver tray
And she brings a cookie tin.
And while I eat, she rubs my feet
And strolling minstrels play
But I'd rather be in my library
Reading science books all day.

I'm just like you

(you are?)

You're just like me
There's somewhere else we'd rather be
Somewhere that's ours
Somewhere that dreams come true
Yes I am a girl like you.
You'd never think that it was so
But now I've met you and I know
It's plain as day
Sure as the sky is blue
I am a girl like you.

So, you're a singer?

No, I work at Madame Carp's penitentiary.
Uh, I mean, Dress Emporium.

I love Madame Carp's dresses!

I made the one you're wearing.

You made this? The design looks so complicated!

Oh, it isn't really.
First I choose a fabric from the rack
And I pin the pattern down
And I stitch it in the front and back
And it turns into a gown!

I wear my gown
Without my crown
And dance around my room

And imagine life without the strife
Of an unfamiliar groom.

But I'd never let my mother know.
I wouldn't want to disappoint her.

I completely understand.
I'm just like you
(I think that's true)
You're just like me
(Yes I can see)
We take responsibility
We carry through
(We carry through)
Do what we need to go.
Yes I am a girl like you.
I'm just like you
(I'm just like you)
You're just like me
(You're just like me)
It's something anyone can see
A heart that beats
(a heart that beats)
A voice that speaks the truth
Yes I am a girl like you.

Song & Lyrics Facts

Released in 2002, the song “I Am a Girl Like You” was featured on the Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper soundtrack. The lyrics were written by Amy Powers and Andy Dodd with music composed by Dodd.

The song was performed by Kelly Sheridan, who voiced the character of Princess Anneliese in the movie. It is an empowering anthem about being true to oneself and accepting one another for who they are. In the chorus, the lyrics proclaim “I am a girl like you, no matter what I do, I will always stay true to me, and that's all I can be." This uplifting message resonates with young girls everywhere and has made it a popular choice at karaoke parties.

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