From Heaven To Dust Lyrics

Azam Ali

Azam Ali - From Heaven To Dust Lyrics


The leaves tell
Of the flower's death
Of the hours spent
In this graveyard
No one tending to its pain
No one tending to its shame

Your eyes tell
Of a star's death
Its house drained
Of old memories
Of the night holding within its claim
The light pending to pay its debt

Song & Lyrics Facts

Azam Ali's song "From Heaven to Dust" was released on April 10, 2020 as part of her album Phantoms. The album is a collaboration between Azam and composer Loga Ramin Torkian.

The song was written by both Azam and Loga, with the lyrics focusing on the fragility of life and death. With its haunting piano melody and evocative vocals, it captures an emotional journey from heaven to dust. The song also features traditional Iranian instruments such as the ney and kamancheh, which adds to its unique sound. It's an emotionally powerful track that speaks to the beauty and tragedy of life. Lyrics include lines like “My heart will never heal/ From this constant pain I feel”, making for a truly moving experience.

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