Bairiya Lyrics

Arijit Singh (Feat. Angira)

Arijit Singh, Angira - Bairiya Lyrics


Moti Teri Yaad Ke
Dori Meri Saans
Piro Piro Ke Kaatu Kab Tak
Jeevan Ka Banbaas

Ho.. Mitti Ki Kaaya Me Ab
Bhookh Bachi Na Pyaas
Saaware Sajan Pukaar Le Mohe Apne Paas

Jaapu Othon Pe Ek Tere Naam Ka
Jaapu Othon Pe Ek Tere Naam Ka
Jeete Jee Labz Dooja Nahi Bolna
Jeete Jee Labz Dooja Nahi Bolna

Haq Apni Zara Si Jaan Ke
Tujhe Pehli Nazar Mein Hi De Diya
Tera Kuch Bhi Nahi Main Ye Bol Ke
Bana Sab Kuch Bana Tu Bairiya

Bairiya Bairiya Bairiya
Bairiya Bairiya Bairiya

Maange Teri Deed Ka Daan
Nain Mere Do Khaali Kaase
Aaamad Teri Ho To Palte
Kismat Ke Paase

Rang Tere Paanv Ka
Chandan Hai Mera
Qadardaan Main Qadardaan Tera

Rabb Se Chhupaya Bhi
Tujhko Bataau Main
Meherbaan Tu Meherbaan Mera

Written by: Amitabh Bhattacharya

Song & Lyrics Facts

The song is composed and produced by Goldie Sohel, who also collaborated with Arijit Singh on other songs like Tum Hi Ho Rehnuma and Dil Ko Maine Di Kasam. The lyrics are written by Amitabh Bhattacharya, who is known for his poetic and romantic style of writing.

The main messages in the lyrics are about longing, separation and love. The singer expresses his feelings for his beloved, who is far away from him. He compares her memories to pearls that he wears around his neck, and he wonders how long he has to live in exile without her. He says that he feels like a clay pot filled with water that is slowly evaporating due to her absence. He also says that he has given up everything for her love, but he still feels incomplete without her. The song is a beautiful and emotional rendition of love and pain that touches the hearts of the listeners. It showcases Arijit Singh's soulful voice and Angira's graceful expressions. It is a song that you can listen to when you miss someone or when you want to feel the depth of love.

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