In Vastness, I Transfigure Lyrics

And Hell Followed With

And Hell Followed With - In Vastness, I Transfigure Lyrics


Nothing in life could prepare me for such unendingness
The cadence of my heart began to swell
As I beheld what no man had ever before
A simplistic procedure now the bane of my entirety from sternum to pelvis
The incision cleaves the sky above the silent tomes within
And my eyes beheld such vastness that I had never know before
This madness thus made flesh
Beneath me stretches beyond comprehension
"Do these mortal eyes deceive?" I question as I kneel before eternity
By what hands and through what means was this monstrosity
This endlessness entombed beneath the flesh of a man?
This index of untold dimensions and length containing every moment
And thought of not only he but of we the entire race
Our very existence cataloged like fables in paper and ink
Can such a word callous hearts such as it now shall mine forever?
Existence? If we feeble things can call it such
Enveloped in shadow, my heart in disarray
I descend through endlessness within
My very purpose now in question
For I remain so small amidst their glory
(The stars)
The edge of the scalpel caresses my throat
A means to an end in fear of all I have known
I have now only the screams of my former physical self
The sound of it's suffering comforts me
For it is all I know in this infinite darkness

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