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Alpha Blondy

Alpha Blondy - Miwa Lyrics


Miwa, miwa eh miwa nion
ôtih miwa oh
Miwa eh, miwa, miwa nion
ôtih sran kpa oh!

Sôyo liké fê
Otih miwa
Sôyo likékpa
Otih miwa oh
Sôyo sran tê
Otih miliê
Sôyo sran kpa
Otih mi modja

Na bohio
Na kinhio
Na wran-wran Miwa oh!
Na bohio
Na kinhio
Na satchi miwa nion

Na bohio
Na kinhio
Na wran-wran Miwa
Na bohio
Na kinhio
Na satchi miwa nion, miwa nion, miwa nion

Oyoli amoussê, ôtih bakan
N'zoutiôh Amoussou kpôh miwa nion
Otih sran kpa
N'séké ôyoli amoussê, ôtih bakan
N'zoutiôh amoussou kpo miwa nion
Otih sran pka oh!

Na bohio!
Na kinhio
Na wran-wran Miwa
Na bohio!
Na kinhio, Na satchi miwa nion

Song & Lyrics Facts

Alpha Blondy is a reggae artist from the Ivory Coast, released his song "Miwa" in 1984. The album was titled "Cocody Rock".

Alpha Blondy's lyrics are known for their political and social commentary. He wrote this song himself with help from band members Jean-Michel Bamy, Maxime D'Jalma and Thomas Guei. Musically, it is an upbeat, infectious reggae groove that has become one of Alpha Blondy's most beloved songs. The song speaks to the importance of unity and peace between all people regardless of race, religion or nationality. It also serves as a reminder that we can all learn from each other if we open our hearts and minds. The lyrics have been covered by numerous artists since its release, demonstrating its enduring popularity. Alpha Blondy continues to perform this song at live shows around the world, delighting audiences with its uplifting message.

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