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Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains - Nutshell Lyrics


We chase misprinted lies
We face the path of time
And yet I fight
And yet I fight
This battle all alone
No one to cry to
No place to call home

Oooh... Oooh...
Oooh... Oooh...

My gift of self is raped
My privacy is raked
And yet I find
And yet I find
Repeating in my head
If I can't be my own
I'd feel better dead
Oooh... Oooh...
Oooh... Oooh...

Song & Lyrics Facts

Alice In Chains' song "Nutshell" was released on the 1994 album Jar of Flies. The song was written by Alice In Chains members Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, Mike Starr and Layne Staley.

It is a melancholy ballad that speaks to feelings of loneliness and despair. The lyrics are full of imagery such as "I take a walk outside, I'm surrounded by some kids at play/I can feel their laughter so why do I sear?" which paints a vivid picture of someone feeling isolated even in the midst of life going on around them. The band has said that "Nutshell" was inspired by the death of Andrew Wood, the lead singer of Mother Love Bone who passed away in 1990 due to an overdose. Despite its heavy subject matter, it remains one of Alice In Chains most beloved songs and continues to be performed live today.

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