Pity Love Lyrics

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro - Pity Love Lyrics


My heart is everywhere,
splitting out like thunder.
everybody's cheating on each other.

Oh I was out for what you've never shown
just cuz I expect it doesn't make it so
Ain't too proud for kneeling.
My pity, pity love;
almost stronger than the real thing.

You said I was too nice,
thinking you could take it.
Leaving in a huff,
wishing time was more spacious.
Oh, you can try to keep the outside out,
but I love you more than you'll allow
I have not, nor will be.
I offer pity love
sometimes so strong, you fear me.

My mind was everywhere
and my worry came too.
Mistake my pity love
for the kind that needs you.
Collecting all the pieces that I found.
I oughta take you right back to the pound.
I wish you'd not have me.
Defective to the point
that always left your boyfriends laughing.

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