Genocide Lyrics


Venom - Genocide Lyrics


Standing in the wings
The reaper waits to play his part
Fear drains the blood
From every pure human heart
The final word is spoken
A lovers last embrace
No distance between life or death
The two are face to face
Take heed the golden dawn
A prayer from the sinner
For he repents for his soul
Hell becomes his destiny
For heaven is his goal
Sinner, death deceiver
Heathen, disbeleiver
Genocide the cure of mankind
Armageddon patiently decides
Death unveils his gown
The place is truly on fire
You'll see no light
With genocide
Life or death it used to be
But now there is no choice
The blackened skies are filled
With cries of every nations voice
The clouds of death are forming
The judgement day is here
No mercy for the innocent
No time for even fear
The golden dawn turns black
No place to hide
With genocide

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