Come And See My Sacrifice (Demo Version) Lyrics


Vader - Come And See My Sacrifice (Demo Version) Lyrics


Do you see the hill on the horizon
Ahead dark shapes, moving shadows on the burning skies
Just follow whispers, hear the distant moans
Come and see a sadistic show tonight
The arena is yet open to the public
Screaming crowd pushing up to the front
Last flash of the dying sun
Here I am! my suffering has just begun...
Come and see.

My skin like a soil for the maggots
Wounds open keep spiting with the blood
Piercing metal ripping bones deep inside
Boiling eyes and hunger for pain divine...

Arms pinned and spread on the wood
Sweat, blood dripping on my chest
Teeth biting the air
Thorns touching my brain and my soul
Lady Death is about to arrive
My pain overpowers all life
I cry but my voice has decreased
Welcome to my show!!!

(lead Spider)
(lead Peter)

Nails burn and disrupt my skin
Spear touches my heart with its cold
Applause rises suddenly
Now it's time to die...

The soil is soaked by my blood
Lady Death gave a kiss for godnight,
No pain nor light anymore
Dignity just died tonight

(lead Peter)
(lead Spider)

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