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Uverworld - Just Melody Lyrics


街の人ごみに紛れ一人 冷めた目をして閉じてく その心
優しさは求めずに 傷つくだけなら
人とすれ違ってゆく度に薄れてく君の色 暗い夜に怯えないで

It's Melody 失ってしまった心の欠片集め
いつか君が笑えるように yeah
just Melody 本当は優しく無邪気な君の笑顔

善悪知った人みたいに 答えは見つけてないけど

It's Melody 出逢いも別れも新しい音をくれる
あの笑顔も 失くせない音 yeah
just Melody Melody 忘れないで
遠く離れていても 君の Melody聞こえてるから

窓に映る光さえも もう照らしてはくれないような気がして

It's Melody 失ってしまった心の欠片集め
いつか君が笑えるように yeah
just Melody 奏でてゆくのさ 時の五線譜の上
ひとりひとつ 生まれた日から
It's Melody 出逢いも別れも新しい音をくれる
あの笑顔も 失くせない音 wow
just Melody Melody いつか君が歌ってくれたあの歌

You are my song
and I'll be wiz you
Friends will be friends
Forever and ever together

Song & Lyrics Facts

UVERworld is a Japanese rock band formed in 2003. The group consists of six members: Takuya∞ (vocals), Katsuya (guitar, programming), Nobuto (bass), Akira (drums), Shintaro (keyboards) and Seika (DJ).

Their song "just Melody" was released as part of their album "Timeless" in 2011. It is classified as an alternative rock/pop-rock track with lyrics written by Takuya∞. The single has been described as an upbeat and empowering number that encourages the listener to stay true to themselves and keep pushing forward despite any obstacles they may face. UVERworld's lead vocalist Takuya∞ wrote the lyrics for the song and it serves as an anthem for those who have faced adversity and are looking for strength and courage to continue on. An interesting fact about the song is that its music video features footage from the movie "Kimi ni Todoke", which starred two of the band's members.

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