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Usher - How Do I Say Lyrics


a foreign beauty so exotic
When she smiled at me
She took my breath away
She's reminiscent of a goddess
It's a shame that we could not communicate
How do i say
How do i say hello
I just wanna talk to you
How do i say you're beautiful
When i can't take my eyes off you
I don't wanna say the wrong thing
I wanna use the right words to impress you
my baby, how do i say, how do i say
How do i say
The room was filled with her sweet aroma
When she danced her hips moved oh so sensuous
She speaks with her body, so hypnotic
In the language that i will never will forget
I hear her calling
Spinning around in the crowd cause she found me
And when she started moving closer and closer
Does she know that i want her, i want her
I wanna be with her tonight
So i caressed her face, kissed her lips
In my life, i've never felt quite like this
I've never had a lost for words
One kiss from her has got me speechless
Mujer bonita, how do i say, how do i say
mon sheri, how do i say, how do i say
baby lets engage in a deep conversation
in the body language we speak won't need any translation
to see your physical pleasure
as we explore together this universal language of our love
can you tell me how could i put it into words
i wan't you
i need you
can i have you
what must i do
what is your name
so beautiful
can i take you
so precious
i love you

Song & Lyrics Facts

Usher's How Do I Say is a powerful and emotional song released in 2004 as part of Usher’s fourth studio album, “Confessions.” Written by Usher Raymond IV, Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox and Johnta Austin, the lyrics of this moving ballad explore how difficult it can be to express one’s feelings for another person. The song features a smooth R&B beat and passionate vocals from Usher that make it an ideal choice for any romantic playlist.

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