If Pigs Could Fly Lyrics


Tourniquet - If Pigs Could Fly Lyrics


Why does God refuse to move?

If pigs could fly they?d fly away and never grace the earth again

I wait and wait and wait and wait but nothing good happens for me

I pray to fly but when I die my feet are still flat on the ground

My brain is good, no legs of wood, but if you could, I think you should

He ain?t standin in my way

Cause I did nothin today

He ain"t standin in my way

Your ship has crashed no sign of shore - to sit in your lifeboat-you can do no more

5 days at sea starved to the core - lifeboat is leaking-a rip in the floor

But wait, on the horizon - land, land hoe!

Will you sit there and pray-or will you get up and row?

The next time you are quick to say "I?m just waitin? on the Lord"

Just make sure that you remember where we all have been before

All things become one?

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