I Wanna Be A Witch Lyrics

Teen Suicide

Teen Suicide - I Wanna Be A Witch Lyrics


wanna get high with you in my room
i want it to rain
i wanna stay in bed today
i will change my name
im counting down the weeks
until you come home
a miracle's gonna come save me
it's the only way
i wanna build a place in you
where i can be made new
i wanna sleep until it ends
i won't make new friends

Song & Lyrics Facts

"I Wanna Be a Witch" is a song by the American rock band Teen Suicide, released on their third studio album It's the Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir the Honeypot. The track was written by lead singer Sam Ray and co-produced with John Vanderslice.

Released in 2017, it features dreamy guitars and airy vocals that provide an emotional depth to its lyrics. The song speaks of feeling powerless and wanting to be somebody else, exploring themes of identity and self-acceptance. Lyrically, it paints a picture of finding solace in being able to escape from reality into a world of fantasy. With its catchy chorus and melancholic verses, "I Wanna Be a Witch" has become one of Teen Suicide's most beloved tracks.

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