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Superman Is Dead

Superman Is Dead - Saint Of My Life Lyrics


Good night good night my little angel
Good night good night my little ones
Spread your wings and fly
Away to your dreams
When you're sleep I'm on your side
When you're the wake I'll be there still
Close your eyes, put a smile on your face...
Don't be scared 'coz
I'll be there to hold you tight
You're the king, you're the queen

You're saint of my life

And when the world is trembling
Down don't you cry Coz there's nothing, nothing
That will keep us apart...
Sing with me my little darling
Sing along to this lullabies
Pick the moon kiss the star so good night.

Song & Lyrics Facts

"Saint of My Life" is a song by the Indonesian rock band Superman Is Dead. It was released on their fifth studio album Kuta Rock City, which was released in 2005.

The song was written by Bobby Kool and Eka Rock, and produced by Jimmy Lo. The lyrics to "Saint of My Life" tell a story about how one's life can be unpredictable and that they must keep pushing forward no matter what obstacles come their way. The song has become a fan favorite among fans of the band due to its uplifting message and catchy chorus.

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