D'red Lyrics

Sophie Hunger

Sophie Hunger - D'red Lyrics


I ha aui Prognose
U kenn? ke Aff?kt
I bruche dini Rose
Aber ha so viu Resp?kt

So winki d? Matrose
Sie si immer n?i
W?r o g?rn n?i gebore
Gedankelos allei

I ha gar n?t z?s?ge hie
Drum frag etzt n?me na
I ha gar n?t z?sage hie
O wenn du meinsch das i das cha

Zw?sche hie u jetzt liet
Aus wo nid isch worde
Zw?sche hie u jetzt liet
Aus wo nid isch gsi
Frag nid nach mim Wahre
La mir so viu W?rd
Aues het u het kei Sinn

I wet dir so viu s?g? hie
Drum frag u la nid los
I wet dir so viu s?g hie
Frag u la nid los

Song & Lyrics Facts

Sophie Hunger's "D'Red" is a single from her 2017 album, Molecules. The Swiss singer-songwriter and musician has been creating music since 2006, blending jazz, folk, pop, and electronica influences together for an eclectic sound.

On this track, she teams up with long-time collaborator Pascal Schumacher on vibraphone to create a unique musical landscape that expresses the beauty of life's fragility. Written by Sophie Hunger and produced by Oli Burslem, "D'Red" was released in February 2017 as part of the Molecules album. In addition to Hunger (vocals, guitar) and Schumacher (vibraphone), the band members include Benoît Corboz (piano, keyboards), Nicolas Fiszman (bass) and Norbert Pfammatter (drums). The lyrics of “D’Red” express the idea of embracing the present moment and not letting fear or doubt stand in the way of taking risks and living life to its fullest.

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