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Shontelle - Perfect Nightmare - UK Edit Lyrics


Shontelle - Perfect Nightmare
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Sometimes we fight
Sometimes I cry
Why don't I
Just tell him goodbye
Sometimes I should
But sometimes I don't
Build up the strength to
Say that it's wrong
Sometimes I hate
Sometimes I love
Sometimes I hurt
Sometimes I don't
Sometimes I wait
For him to change
But it's okay
I've disguised the pain
And I don't ever wanna leave him alone
They say i'm brainwashed but i'm in love
With this man
Keep telling myself that it's not worth it
I already know I don't deserve it
But if it's from you I don't mind hurting
This is my perfect nightmare
So when will I wake up and scream
No way x7
Perfect nightmare
Sometimes I keep my cool
Sometimes I let him know
Sometimes I even pack my bags to walk out the door
Sometimes I feel safe
Sometimes I really don't
Sometimes I promise that i'm ready to let him go
But I don't ever wanna leave him alone
Ohh ohhh
Hoping he's changing
But i'm scared he's not
Can't see a way to leave
Help me open my eyes

Song & Lyrics Facts

Shontelle's "Perfect Nightmare - UK Edit" is a dance-pop song from her 2010 album No Gravity. Written by Shontelle Layne and co-written and produced by The Runners, the single was released on August 10th, 2010.

With its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics, the song has been embraced by fans of the Barbadian singer/songwriter. Lyrically, the track speaks about being in an unhappy relationship and trying to get out of it without hurting someone’s feelings. It also serves as a reminder that no matter how bad things can be, there is always hope.

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