Folon Lyrics

Salif Keita

Salif Keita - Folon Lyrics


fôlon, é té gninika
fôlon, né té gninika
fôlon, a toun bé kè tè déh
fôlon, ko ko toun bé kè
fôlon, môgò makotè

kouma douma bé môgo mi konò
hèè bi môgo mi konò
konkò bé môgo mi naaaaa
fôlon, ko ko koun bi la
fôlon, é koun té sé kô fô.
Folon, Folon oo mogò makotè

sissan, é bé gninika
sissan, né bé gninika
sissan, an bé bè gninika
sissan, ko ko toun bé kè
flon, môgò makotè

Song & Lyrics Facts

Salif Keita's "Folon" is a song from his album of the same name. The album was released in 2000 and was produced by Salif Keita himself along with several other producers.

The lyrics to this song were written by Salif Keita, while the music was composed by Jean-Philippe Rykiel. The band members who contributed to this album include Salif Keita on vocals and guitar, Mamadou Diabate on kora, Guimba Kouyate on ngoni, Yacouba Sissoko on balafon, Mory Kante on congas, and many others. This song has become a classic African pop hit due to its catchy melodies and powerful lyrics. With its upbeat tempo, soulful singing, and uplifting message, it continues to be one of Salif Keita's most popular songs. Its memorable chorus of “Folon!” can still be heard echoing throughout Africa today.

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