Nothing W/O You Lyrics


Sadboyforlife - Nothing W/O You Lyrics


You are the reason
I found hope again
But then you left me

I'm trying so hard to be something I'm not
To fly with the stars is to lie bout a lot
Cuz nobody's really happy as they look
Or maybe they are and I'm just not as good

I don't think it's fair that I feel all I do
But how would I care if I never improve
I'm trying I'm just unsuccessful
Partially lying cuz trying is stressful

I want a change but I'm hating the process
I feel like an object
I've been so worried about every option
I wish I felt off less
I wish I spent some more time with you calling
Hearing you talking
I feel involved when

You tap my hand when you're busy
You're flawless
Baby I'm falling
I'm falling
Really I'm falling

You are the reason
I found hope again
But then you left me

Nobody knows me as well as you do
So who will I go to if ever we're through?
I don't wanna lose you
Promise you'll stay
I'll never not choose you
Make me okay

Baby I'm falling apart with this distance
I wanna talk but it's hard when I'm distant

Hate when my time feels wasted
Really impatient
That ain't your blame for the taking

I'm not okay but won't face it
I feel a way but won't say it
Man on my shoulder's persuasive
I got a problem with everything
Feels like I'm mad over anything

Really unfair to you
I'm aware of that
I'm there for you
But I don't want it back
That's a problem that
I have always had
I say I'll change it for you
But I feel like I can't

You are the reason
I found hope again
But then you left me

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