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Rize - ZERO Lyrics


Going back…
going back to ZERO
Can you go back to ZERO

Playing my Fender
体へのBody rush
for a boxerミットで拳Brush
Ye, rock star興味無い志す所から違う
You know me right
Not for me or you
for tomorrow for the youth
今だけでも叫ばしてよBLUES(SoulをScream) Can you go back to ZERO
Will you go back to ZERO

Im a rappa韻踏むコピーライター
like a dancerステップ践むロンリーライダー
人は人を救える ありえるよ
If you go back to ZERO
Oh will you take that chance
Dream on
Believe your dreams
it'll set you free


Dream on
on & on
Believe your dreams it'll set you free
Dream on & on,
We dream for the reason
This is me, the ZERO me...

Song & Lyrics Facts

Rize - ZERO is a song by the Japanese rock band, ONE OK ROCK. It was released on June 9th, 2020 as part of their album Eye Of The Storm.

The lyrics were written by Taka and composed by Tomoya Kanki and Taka. The song speaks about overcoming difficulties in life no matter how hard it may be. Through powerful vocals and guitar riffs, Rize - ZERO encourages listeners to keep going even when times are tough. With its empowering message, this song has become an anthem for anyone who needs motivation and strength.

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