Alchemy Lyrics

Richard Lloyd

Richard Lloyd - Alchemy Lyrics


I've heen watching a river.
I've seen it dressed in a breeze.
And I wanted to get closer.
I find I'm sinking to my knees.
And I'm sinking in mysteries that I can not quite unfold.
I'm talking about Alchemy and all those things that explode.

I was a young boy when I was thrown in the world.
My hands were made out of silver.
You see they're looking for gold and to find a solution of value intrinsically.
They're just playing with dreams that they call Alchemy.

So tell me. Whisper everything and I'll put it all to good use.
Cause when you took my hand to grab me away,
that's when l held it all out to you.
And I'm watching everything that you do.
So don't be impatient.
Turning to Alchemy.
Baby don't turn to Alchemy.
Brother, don't turn to Alchemy.
Sister, don't turn to Alchemy.

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