Somebody Should Leave Lyrics

Reba Mcentire

Reba Mcentire - Somebody Should Leave Lyrics


(harlan howard, chick rains)

It sure gets quiet
When the kids go to bed
We sit here in the silence
Putting off what must be said
I read a book you watch tv
As our love dies quietly
I'm so sad I don't know what I just read

Somebody should leave
But which one should it be
You need the kids and they need me
Somebody should leave
But we hate to give in
We keep hoping somehow we might need each other again

You say goodnight and turn and face the wall
We lie here in the darkness and the tears start to fall
If it was only you and me goodbye might come more easily
But what about those babies down the hall

Repeat chorus x2

Song & Lyrics Facts

Somebody Should Leave is a classic country song by Reba McEntire, released in 1985. It was included on her album Have I Got A Deal For You, and was co-written by Ronnie Scaife and Dennis Linde.

The track features the backing of renowned session musicians such as David Hungate (bass), Steve Gibson (guitar) and Larrie Londin (drums). This heartfelt ballad has become one of Reba’s most iconic tracks, featuring lyrics about a couple who can no longer make their relationship work. While neither wants to be the first to leave, somebody should take the initiative and move on. Somebody Should Leave peaked at number three on the US Country charts, making it one of Reba’s most successful singles of the decade.

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