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Planetshakers - This Love Lyrics


This love You have for me
It goes beyond my wildest dreams
And I am in awe

This grace You've shown to me
It's made me see the light of day
And I love You Lord

There is no one like You
You alone are great
We give You all the glory
We give You all the praise

Hey hey I'm in love with You
I'm sold out for You
You are everything to me

Hey hey I believe in You
Lord I know that no one
Can take this love away
I'm gonna praise You everyday
It's time to get Your praise on

Song & Lyrics Facts

Planetshakers is a contemporary Christian band from Melbourne, Australia. The group released their album This Love in 2019 and the title track was written by Joth Hunt and Aimee Evans.

This Love is an upbeat pop rock song that features powerful lyrics about God's never-ending love for us. Planetshakers is made up of lead singer Sam Evans, guitarists Joth Hunt and Ben Tan, bassist Josh Ham, keyboardist Luke Douglas, drummer Mitchell Farmer and worship leader Aimee Evans. With over two decades worth of music, this Australian collective has become one of the most popular worship bands in the world. Their uplifting lyrics are designed to bring people closer to Jesus and help them experience His love. This Love is just one example of how Planetshakers create heartfelt songs with meaningful lyrics that can reach people around the globe.

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