The End Of Camelot Lyrics

Peter Cetera

Peter Cetera - The End Of Camelot Lyrics


Here I go again
Driving to the edge of town
Need to be alone when I'm thinking
With no one else around
I've always been a dreamer
And from here I dream a lot
And now I see the end of Camelot

If anyone could have a change of heart
Maybe you could change your mind
But if you're giving up - If you're letting go
Don't let me be the last to know

Here I go again
Walking down the same old streets
I don't wanna see anybody
I wanna be discreet

I'm a firm believer
And I once believed in you
But now I can't believe all the things
You're putting me through


I'm not thinking straight - I'm not feeling great
I'm not sleeping too well
I'm not doing what I know I can - I can't help myself
Only time will tell


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