Love Won't Let Me Wait Lyrics

Paul Young

Paul Young - Love Won't Let Me Wait Lyrics


The time is right, you hold me tight
Love's got me high
Please tell me yes, don't say no
Honey, not tonight
I need to have you next to me
And always the one
And I refuse leave 'till I see the morning sun
Creep through your window pane'Cause love won't let me wait
Not one minute baby
The time is right to never lie
Take my hand
We'll take a flight and spend a night
In wonderland now move a little closer to me
You owe it to yourself and I will selfishly
Take a little for myself
And it's because of you
That love won't let me wait oh no girl
I need your love so desperately
And only you can set me free
When I make love to you
We'll explode in extasy
And I won't take the blame
That love won't let me wait
I just got to see you again baby
Oh don't you know
I won't ever be with anybody like you
You know that's true baby

Song & Lyrics Facts

Paul Young's "Love Won't Let Me Wait" is a soulful ballad released in 1985 on the album The Secret of Association. It was written by Vinnie Barrett and Bobby Eli, two prolific songwriters who had previously penned hits for Gladys Knight & The Pips and Lou Rawls.

Paul Young's band at the time featured keyboardist Tony Jackson, bassist Pino Palladino, drummer Simon Phillips, guitarist John G. Perry, and vocalists Pat King and Dee Lewis. The lyrics to “Love Won’t Let Me Wait” tell the story of a man whose heart won't let him wait any longer for his love to return. The song peaked at number five on the UK Singles Chart and reached number one on the US Hot Soul Singles chart.

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