Jedan Od Mnogih Lyrics

Oliver Dragojević

Oliver Dragojević - Jedan Od Mnogih Lyrics


Ti, sudbino moja prokleta
meni si bila maceha
dusu si moju slomila
sudbino, sudbino, sudbino prokleta
Nikad me nisi mazila
uvijek si druge pazila
dusu si moju gazila,
sudbino, sudbino, sudbino prokleta

Jer ja sam jedan od mnogih
sam pod zvijezdama,
jedan od mnogih
sam do ocaja,
ljubavi zedan
tezak nosim ja kriz

Jedan od mnogih
sto koracaju
rukom u ruci
plavom beskraju
jedan od mnogih
koje razdire bol

Ti, sudbino moja prokleta...

Jer ja sam jedan od mnogih...

Song & Lyrics Facts

Oliver Dragojević's song "Jedan Od Mnogih" was released in 1991 on his album of the same name. The lyrics were written by Oliver himself and the music was composed by Goran Bregović.

The band accompanying him is known as "Bijelo Dugme". This song talks about a man who wants to be unique, but realizes that he can't escape being just one of many. The lyrics are filled with emotion, making it a memorable ballad for all listeners. It has become an iconic part of Croatian culture and continues to be beloved by fans today.

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