To My Better Angel Lyrics


Northstar - To My Better Angel Lyrics


I lost all faith today in suicidal featherweights
With broken wrists and weaker fists
This is the last fight I'll give away...
And there's something terrible locked in her attic
So I'm told
I can feel it on my face
I still feel you everywhere

and operator I can't hold much longer

Cause there's a spot by a bathroom door
where I dropped so fast straight through the floor
when I lost my grip on everything
Eight feet under water is where we dare
our locked lips keep out the water and the liars
full of nothing but air

So if anybody talks of me tell them I am never coming home again
Just tell them I am gone

There's a place that I might fit in, but it reeks like where we've been
Perfect footprints from our feet that our haunted just by me
To the lady of the hour (I hear) liquor love is all the rage
Your skin feels way too sour and I've lost my sense of taste

There's a hole that we all fall in
Where we fight for oxygen
That's where I caught my grip and became king
Eight feet under covers, don't forget that I'm here
Warm secrets under cover with new friends
and your holiday lovers

So if anybody talks of me
Tell them I'll be gone forever with out these scars
that are completely invisible...

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