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Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins - Maybe Tonight Lyrics


I foresaw you like an old ghost story
From a family tree that was handed down to me

I've known you like a siren song that warns
I have been informed you could be the death of me

But patience bounds an eternal stone
You were meant to be mine
I draw a dual with the cards of gods
That were played in fate and time

I know we'll meet again
Maybe tonight
Just tell me where and when
I know it's never sure
Maybe tonight (2x)

Sky whispers in a baritone
That the mystery always beats what I am shown

Search the the dial for what i need to know
They don't play those songs on my radio

Song & Lyrics Facts

Nicole Atkins' song, "Maybe Tonight," is a single released from her second album, Mondo Amore. The track was written by Atkins and Jim Sclavunos of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

It features a backing band comprised of keyboardist Oren Bloedow (Jenny Scheinman), bassist Chris Morrissey (The Pines), drummer Joe Russo (Benevento/Russo Duo) and guitarists Dave Schramm (Yo La Tengo) and Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group). This upbeat, melodic tune has lyrics that evoke an optimistic view of love, with Atkins singing “I’ve been waiting all my life for you to come around…maybe tonight I’ll find out what it means to be in love.” The chorus repeats this message of hope as she sings “Oh, maybe tonight will be alright.” With its catchy melody and hopeful lyrics, “Maybe Tonight” is sure to become a fan favorite.

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